There were no more copies of ‘The Industrial Village of Woolwich‘ by Connie Ewald but people still asked for the book.  We’re pleased to announce that the book is now available to purchase and also to read online.

industrial village cover‘For the first half of the twentieth century, the heart of Woolwich New South Wales Australia, was a group of waterfront industries and a small community of labouring families who lived nearby.  The people were separated from outsiders by their strong family connections and by the awareness of themselves as a working class community.  Only termites lived in luxury.

At the end of the twentieth century waterfront industry has departed, waterfront properties are becoming palaces and citizens struggle to resist inappropriate development and retain some of the cohesiveness of the old community.

What was it like to work in those early industries? How firm was the social divide between workmen and gentry? What stories do people tell about their work or school or social life? This book recounts some of the stories and gives a brief history of the tin smelter, not previously recorded.’

Download the book as a pdf here  If you would like to buy a hard copy contact