gsv-october-2016NSW Dept of Planning & Environment’s Pre-Gateway Review says the massive development application for Gladesville Shopping Village has ‘strategic merit’ and can proceed to the Gateway stage of approval at the Sydney East Joint Regional Planning Panel even though it massively exceeds the controls set down in Hunters Hill’s Local Environment Plan:

  • 250 apartments in 5 huge towers up to 16 storeys above a huge podium
  • 58 meter high tower (current maximum is 34 m)
  • 3.4 : 1 Floor Space Ratio (current maximum FSR is 2.7 : 1)
  • Heritage listed 10 Cowell Street can be either re-located or parts of the building (its pressed metal ceilings) incorporated into the new structure.

The Pre-Gateway Review wants the proposal updated to:

  • confirm the total heights (their plan may be even higher than 58m)
  • update traffic plans and car-parking impacts
  • ‘re-visit the visual impact on surrounding local streets with a view to reducing  the scale of its highest towers and the overshadowing impacts’
  • review outdated supporting heritage impact, visual impact and traffic impact reports.

Until recently, this site was owned by the people of Hunters Hill.