Hunters Hill Hotel has lodged a new DA seeking to extend their trading hours.  They want:

  • alcohol shoeMondays to Saturdays   8:00am-2:00am the following day   (HHH currently closes at midnight)
  • Sundays   10:00am-midnight
  • Good Friday and Christmas Day   noon-10:00pm
  • New Years Eve     5:00am-2:00am the following day.

When other hotels close at midnight, people who are already intoxicated are likely to move on to Hunters Hill to keep drinking until 2:00 am.

Clear evidence links extended hours alcohol trading to increased alcohol related accidents, violence, property damage, anti-social behaviour and other preventable harm.

Say NO to DA 2016-1114.  Email or write to General Manager, Hunters Hill Council or write to the PO Box 21, Hunters Hill 2110.