Tony Coote, President of HHT urged Council to reject the Planning Proposal from the developers of the Gladesville Shopping Village site who wanted to amend the Local Environmental Plan to allow them to build up to 58m and increase the floor-space-ratio.  You can read Tony’s speech here.  All Councillors, apart from Peter Astridge, voted to reject the proposal.

Whats-Next2013The state government can approve the Planning Proposal without local council support, and we expect that the developers will apply to build higher than current local planning instruments allow.

From the plans exhibited, Moch Pty Ltd expects to build across the site where the timber cottage at 10 Cowell St stands as well as the at-grade open car-park further up Cowell Street and land on Massey Street.

Moch will take legal ownership of the timber cottage at 10 Cowell Street on 4th April, having been sold it by Hunters Hill Council.  This sale was not subject to any public consultation beforehand and there was no public or competitive tender for the sale. The sale happened before Council finally agreed to grant heritage protection to the cottage.  When Council eventually put the heritage listing into the Local Environmental Plan, the land around the cottage was excluded – despite no such limit being applied to any other heritage listing by Hunters Hill Council and no such limit to the listing in the motion approved by Council.

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