logoIf the State Government pursues its plan for a merged LGA, the Trust will continue to fight for the preservation of the existing character and heritage of Hunters Hill Municipality to ensure that it is safeguarded for future generations and that the existing level of services provided by Hunters Hill Council are preserved and enhanced.

The Trust is not advancing the case for amalgamation, however in the event that this were to occur and given the Trust’s Aim in maintaining the unique and historical character of Hunters Hill, we believe we need to put our energies into advocating for the inclusion of those things we have set out in our submission in any new merged Local Government Area.

Within The Trust and the wider Hunters Hill community there is a range of differing views about the current council and about the proposed amalgamation.   As well there are differing levels of passion and enthusiasm for the anti-amalgamation fight.  We respect the fact that our members will have come to their own conclusions about this.

We urge members to make their own individual submissions and we hope that our Submission and the Rough Guide can be instructive and of assistance.   Submissions should be made before 5.00pm on Sunday 28 February 2016.  They can be made online here.  You can read the Hunters Hill Trust’s Submission to the Council Boundary Review here.