The Priory, 1857 (image Sardaka)

The Priory, 1857 (image Sardaka)

The Expression of Interest (EOI) process between Hunter’s Hill Council and Tranter Vass Pty Ltd for the re-use of The Priory has expired with no result.

Council has been meeting with ‘new’ potential lessees over recent weeks and  is seeking EOIs from interested organisations or individuals to adaptively reuse the Priory.

Potential uses could include commercial operations, such as office accommodation, cultural/arts/exhibition organisations, education based organisations, conference venue and restaurant.

The Priory is a State Heritage Listed item and is subject to a number of adaptive reuse constraints and will need to be vetted through Crown Lands, The NSW Office of Environment & Heritage and Hunter’s Hill Council.

Issues include:

  • retention of the setting of The Priory
  • retention of views to and from Riverglade Reserve and Tarban Creek
  • conservation of the significant fabric and spaces of The Priory and its outbuildings
  • interpretation of the phases of development and historical use of the site.

Annie Goodman, Corporate Strategist for Council says that applicants will need to consider that retaining community use, whether through commercial trade or open days will be important and highly regarded.

The EOI process will include:

  1. Hunter’s Hill Council will advertise for interested parties to submit a response to a request of EOI for The Priory.
  2. An EOI information park will be forwarded to interested parties via post and email upon request.
  3. Hunter’s Hill Council or its representative/s will evaluate all submissions received against the selection criteria to identify preferred users and prepare a summary for the panel to consider. Proposals by community groups will be assessed together with business, trade, private and institutional proposals against all supporting documentation. Potential lessees not shortlisted will be notified.
  4. Shortlisted applicants will be asked for further information if required and/or interviewed.
  5. A recommendation to Hunter’s Hill Council for final authority will be made outlining the preferred applicant/s.
  6. Approvals through various State Government departments in addition to a Development Application through Hunter’s Hill Council (if required) will be sought before Hunter’s Hill Council enters into a lease with the preferred applicant/s.

In addition, some of the areas that Hunter’s Hill Council will consider in determining appropriate use of the site are:

  • financial capacity of the tenant
  • contribution of the tenant to the community
  • compatibility of the tenant to the site
  • traffic/noise impact and mitigation measures.

Identification of potential future uses for The Priory that are compatible with its significance will be highly regarded by Council.