Inspector of Nuisances

Thomas Stubbs, Inspector of Nuisances for City Council (Sydney) July 1847

Thomas Stubbs, Inspector of Nuisances City Council (Sydney) July 1847

Thomas Stubbs must have been a multi-talented individual.  Apart from being Inspector of Nuisances he was a composer, concert performer, persuasive auctioneer, journalist and farmer.

In 1836 he bought 18 acres at the southern end of Tarban Creek.  The Surveyor General at the time noted ‘nobody but a madman would want to buy’ this land.  Stubbs built a stone house and along with his family, established a vineyard, gardens and an orchard with ‘40 kinds of fruit’.

William Weaver (kneeling centre) with George Turner, Didier Joubert, Charles Moore and Mr Pennington, circa 1860

William Weaver (kneeling centre) George Turner, Didier Joubert, Charles Moore, Mr Pennington and members of the Blaxland family, circa 1860

The Marist Fathers bought Stubbs’ farm in 1847 and renamed it Villa Maria.  They commissioned the architect William Weaver to design a Georgian mansion in 1857.  A new wing with Gothic details was added in 1876.  We know it now as The Priory.

HHT luminaries Roslyn Maguire and Diana Drake wrote a detailed history of the building and its site.  This is now available as a FREE download.

Hunters Hill Council is currently considering options to ensure the long term survival of The Priory.

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