barons cres tree lossbarons cres tree loss 233 significant native trees have been cut down on a development site in Barons Cresent, despite a Land and Environment Court ruling that the retention of these trees was in the community interest.

The DA approved the removal of 10 trees but by using Code 10/50 the developer was able to measure 10 metres from SIX neighbouring properties to take out 33 trees.  He was stopped from removing two because they were 11 metres from a dwelling.

Riparian Zone along Lane Cove River
Riparian zone

The Rural Fire Service failed to protect the Riparian Zones (the interface between land and the river) in the Greater Sydney Basin.

The Riparian Zone is significant because of its role in soil conservation, habitat biodiversity and the influence on fauna and aquatic ecosystems.  This is especially true on this steep block in Barons Crescent.