The latest plan for Gladesville Shopping Village virtually doubles what was rejected previously.  With 3 towers:  25 storeys, 15 storeys and 11 storeys it seems to be even more driven by greed and profit.

There will be

  • even greater adverse impact on the character and amenity of the surrounding residential and commercial areas
  • even more overshadowing
  • almost no pedestrian interaction with the surrounding sites
  • even more parking and traffic problems
  • even more pressure on existing local infrastructure.

GSV 014There is blazon disregard for Council’s  development controls.

It still involves the demolition of a building of considerable heritage significance, which is on land previously owned by Council.

Hunters Hill Council, as a landowner of 25% of the site, needs to take action to ensure this scheme does not proceed any further. If it does not it will have failed to properly represent the community by taking a leadership role in how this site is developed.

See HHT submission.