vote lightThe Hunters Hill Trust committee has met with Andrew Zbik (Labor), Pierre Masse (Greens) and Anthony Roberts (Liberal) and asked them to outline their positions on:

  1. Planning
  2. Environment
  3. Heritage & Gladesville Hospital
  4. Council Amalgamation
  5. Sale of public assets
  6. Political donations
  7. Mining.

Andrew Zbik, Pierre Masse provided extensive written responses.  The office of Anthony Roberts didn’t provide a written response.

HHT Committee member Justin Parry-Okeden has collated the results of the 3 meetings and written documents.  Read  What the candidates said.

Jim Sanderson (Independent) provided detailed responses to the Trust’s questions after the summary had been prepared. His position can be read here.

It is worth noting that Andrew Zbik, Pierre Masse and Jim Sanderson have signed and support the The Community Charter for Planning.

Make your vote count in the upper house

The smaller cross-bench parties, Christian Democratic Party and Shooters and Fishers Party have had a lot of power in the current parliament.  We need MLCs to effectively represent the community’s interests in the upper house in future:  Battle for NSW Legislative Council.