Tipperary Falls

Things have been going wrong at Boronia Park recently.

damage from recent construction

damage from recent construction

Hunters Hill Council is the trustee manager of this important 24 hectare piece of Crown Land, but a lot of damage was done to the park when the Plan of Management was ignored when a new rugby oval was built.

There is a new draft Plan of Management for Boronia Park  that proposes changes to the park, and lists issues and actions needed.  See details of the Concept Design by clicking on the image below and waiting for it to load:

BP concept design



Most people say that they like the park… but we all need to take action to protect if for the future.

Send your comments on the new Plan of Management to the General Manager, Hunter’s Hill Council P.O. Box 21, Hunters Hill NSW 2110 or  council@huntershill.nsw.gov.au.

SOme Key issues from our point of view:

  • Protect the park’s sensitive bushland and core habitat areas
  • New buildings or carparks must only be located along the road perimeter – NOT inside the park
  • Upgrade the Grandstand with improved access and community use
  • Equitable multi-use activities
  • No exclusive arrangements through special leases/licenses
  • Adjust the lighting to light only the playing fields and reduce glare into the surrounding streets and houses.

For further information

Boronia Park Alliance.  Contact the group:    boroniaparkalliance@gmail.com or PO Box 2127, Boronia Park 2111:

Council’s Bushland Management Officer Jacqui Vollmer 9879 9439 vollmerj@huntershill.nsw.gov.au