Three and a half years after trucks started dumping fill at Boronia Park No 3 Oval we are still faced with problems:

  • Excessive size of field
  • Excessive slope of the batter at the northern end
  • Inclusion of ‘dirty fill’
  • Failure to stabilise the batters.

HHT recommends that

  1. That no further Council projects be classified as Exempt Development unless fully assessed to be genuinely of minor impact, and performed under full Council supervision.
  2. That the Survey report(s) supplied to Council, showing the actual size and height of the field in relation to its original size and height, be made available. 
  3. That the Engineer’s report(s) supplied to Council as to the structural soundness of the retaining walls be made available.  
  4. That the incomplete items be completed.  
  5. That a financial report be made available showing all contributions to the cost of the project, financial or in-kind, including Government grants, and Council’s own contributions. 

Read the full report:

Remediation of No 3 Oval Boronia Park HHT Submission to Review Committee