The NSW Government does not have the majority in the Upper House.  It needs the vote of either: Labor; and/or the Greens; and/or the Christian Democrats and the Shooters and Fishers to get the planning legislation through.  

Email or phone to  stop the planning bills becoming law:   

  • The bills will make it easy for developers will be able to override local councils’ planning controls to get their rezoning requests approved by the State, by the issuing of Strategic Compatibility Certificates (a green light to a spot rezoning) goes against the very concept of strategic planning.
  • The restriction of code-assessable development to ‘nominated growth areas’ will create 2 classes of residents: the first, in low-density suburbs, will have the right to comment on most developments in their neighbourhood; the second, in growth areas, will not.
  • Will not improve housing affordability simply by increasing housing supply.  This is because the drivers of housing affordability are complex and include tax (eg. negative gearing) and welfare policies which the Planning Bills will not address.

No amount of tweaking can fix the Bills and it’s best to scrap the Bills and work with all stakeholders to draft new legislation.

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