Get an overview of the issues raised at Hunters Hill Public Meeting 6th June from this 15 minute video:

Anthony Roberts’ position:

Local MP for Lane Cove and NSW Minister for Fair Trading, Anthony Roberts stated at the meeting that he was concerned that:

  1. Code-assessable development would have negative impacts on heritage; and
  2. The use of private certifiers in general, and in particular with regard to complying
    development that could have an impact on heritage.

Contact Anthony Roberts directly to get confirmation of his position on these issues and formally request that he represent these views when Cabinet discusses the Planning Bill:,  9817 4757, Level 3 Suite 302 230 Victoria Road GLADESVILLE NSW 2111.

Issues at Stake: 

The White Paper applies to the whole state, it has much wider implications than just for our local area and is potentially much more destructive of all those things that The Hunters Hill Trust, The Paddington Society, the Glebe Society and all those other community groups were formed to fight for over 4 decades ago. 

It is easy for the state government to say they are preserving “heritage” because that only applies to a limited number of listed items.  Many non-listed items are also vital to the character of the area.

The major issues are explained here:  Better Planning Network’s White Paper Submission Guide.