Council Elections are approaching….

They say that we get the elected representatives that we deserve.  What do WE deserve from Hunters Hill Council?   Tell the candidates what you want from Council …

keeping the character of the area?  protecting public spaces?  trees?  community services ?



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    I am deeply concerned at the number of councillors going up for election that have had their application witnessed by senior management, directors at Belle Property Group. Concerns about stacking the numbers to get development through appears to be a real issue all Hunters Hill residents should be aware of when voting.

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    Hi Liane

    Thank you for posting your thoughts, I do appreciate free speech and the right to reply, I showed and discussed your comments with Phil Jenkyn’s today and he encouraged me to response to your comments.

    In regards to your comments about Belle Property Group stacking the number, I can assure you that this is not the case. When an official document requires a JP to witness a document, my preference is always to use a person who I know local rather than to go afar or to use someone I do not know.

    For me I have know Ross for just over 4 year and I have know Vaughan a sale director of Belle for over 10 years. Just because I know or use someone local doesn’t mean I am pro development or not.

    In regards to getting develop through, please remember that all the current Councillors running for the current election approved the 8 story master plan about the Gladesville shopping centre, this is way to high what do you think?

    For me, I am the only local candidate to my knowledge who used a local printing company Colourcorp Print in Gladesville to print there election information. Can you tell me if this means I am for or against local business? as I believe action speaks louder than words..

    I’m happy to here your comments and to respond to any questions….



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