The Trust takes a strong position on a number of issues in Hunters Hill Council’s Draft LEP that could weaken Council’s planning controls, including:

  • The deletion of any reference to the Conservation Advisory Panel
  • The removal of the schedule of Contributory Items
  • The increase in the maximum building height
  • The provision for 50% landscaped areas
  • The lack of identification of significant natural bushland (E2) and hence the potential lack of control in relation to the preservation of this bushland
  • The heritage status of the Hillman Orchard
  • Excessive sandstone removal
  • Tree preservation and protection of private bushland
  • The imposition of the standard government complying and exempt controls
  • Dual occupancy provisions
  • The identification and protection of Aboriginal heritage
  • Provisions for sex services within areas zoned B4 zones.

Download the Hunters Hill Trust’s full response to the Draft LEP here.