“It is the money, stupid…. plus the lack of hassle. Everyone is busy in Hunters Hill – so clients are demanding but haven’t got time to get involved.  They keep changing their minds.  It’s the stuff of dreams – the magical word “variation”.  The contract is always closely scrutinised, but the variations are where the money is made. And they can afford it.

$10,000 tree bonds are like a magnet to an accidental chain saw when similar dollars will buy two of the specified toilets on a development – and the view is worth it.

Style and scale are equally important – nothing can be too big. Perfect.

Then there is the hassle, or lack of it. The Council is so busy, which always works to our advantage. Name one large development that hasn’t got up in recent years, too easy.

The neighbours will get involved (with their own lawyers, advisors etc) but seldom the community, simply too busy.

Small targets make light work and with the decades of appropriate conditioning from State Government, the Land & Environment Court usually agree. That’s why I love Hunters Hill.”