Self-guided walks

Walks in Hunters Hill 2015 shows 9 different walking routes through Hunters Hill.  The 3 Self Guided Walks (below) provide information on the historic buildings you will pass. These were prepared by Jo Rees and updated by Roslyn Maguire and Diana Drake in 1992.

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SELF GUIDED WALK 1:  Woolwich Rd, Wybalena Rd, Ferry St

This walk takes you past 32 heritage items,  including Wybalena, Waiwera, Morningsea and Passy.





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SELF GUIDED WALK 2: Mount, Madeleine, Ferdinand, Alexandra streets.



This short walk through history takes you past 34 heritage items including Woodbank, Ysabel, Milano and Garibaldi.






SELF GUIDED WALK 3:  Alexandra St, Woolwich Rd, Glenview Crescent.This walk takes you past 56 heritage items including Fortuna, St Claire, Vienna, Jamberoo, Wybalena and Passy.


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Passy pre 1970s

Passy pre-1970s

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