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Who is the tree vandal at Huntleys Cove?

Someone has poisoned 20 trees near the ferry wharf at Huntley’s Cove. This tiny pocket of waterfront remnant bushland has been devastated. Hunters Hill Council has left the dead trees, closed the reserve & put banners up. 3 houses above the site will gain harbour views. If you know something, contact phone 9879 9400 or go to www.huntershill.nsw.gov.au/treevandalism.
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Code 10/50 allows urban bushland annihilation in Hunters Hill

33 significant native trees have been cut down on a development site in Barons Cresent, despite a Land and Environment Court ruling that the retention of these trees was in the community interest. The DA approved the removal of 10 trees but by using Code 10/50 the developer was able to measure 10 metres from […]
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Temperatures rising due to tree felling

The loss of trees around our neighbourhoods is causing air temperatures to rise.  Research from University of Melbourne shows evidence of the impact of removing tree cover: 1227149699636  http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/north-shore/air-temperature-rise-from-loss-of-tree-cover-measured-in-university-of-melbourne-research/story-fngr8h9d-1227149699636   The 10/50 code is being used as an excuse for people to rid themselves of unwanted trees:  Tree clearing rule misuse
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How did we allow this to happen?

This building on the banks of the Lane Cove River is nearly completed.  It is a classic example of our failure to ‘conserve and enhance the character and environmental identity of Hunters Hill’. It certainly does not ‘maintain and enhance qualities of scenically prominent landscape settings’  and it ‘detracts from the existing character of landscape […]
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Changes announced to tree cutting code

After getting more than 1,800 submissions from outraged community members, the NSW government has announced changes to the 10/50 Code that has led to mass destruction of trees – regardless of threatened species legislation and tree preservation orders. The entitlement area has been reduced to 100m for Category One and 30m for Category Two vegetation. The previous area was 350m […]
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5 minutes to save the beauty of our neighbourhood?

If everyone who appreciates the trees that make our neighbourhood beautiful gives 5 minutes of their day, we  can stop the needless destruction that is happening now. Call Anthony Roberts:  9817 4757 Call Minister Stuart Ayres:  8574 6500 urge them to call for a moratorium on chopping down trees. It is easy to do and very effective.   […]
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Stop the destruction of our trees

Write a short message to the NSW Rural Fires Service before Friday 14th November.  RFS is reviewing the 10/50 Code that has allowed people to cut down trees that are within 10 meters of their house, without approval or any justification.  Send your message to  10.50@rfs.nsw.gov.au. OR use this link:  making a quick submission today provided by […]
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Moratorium on destruction of trees

The 10/50 clearing code is transforming our area.  The ‘garden suburb’ can so easily be destroyed, with no impact on bushfire safety. The Hunters Hill Trust urges the government to take immediate action by declaring a moratorium on clearing before the beauty and character of the neighbourhood is further damaged.  Our submission to Stuart Ayres MP, Minister […]
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new Code threatens to destroy character of Hunters Hill

Recent changes to the Rural Fire Service Vegetation Clearing Code leaves the tree cover and bushland of Hunters Hill vulnerable to destruction. We have been landed with a simplistic, destructive response to a complex problem. Because of its interface with the Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers, much of Hunters Hill’s unique character contributes to the wider character of […]
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We are now free to destroy bushland WITHOUT improving fire safety in NSW

Rural Fire Service 10/50 Clearing Code of Practice New State government fire safety rules now allow people in designated areas to remove any tree that is within 10m of their house and vegetation up to 50m from their house without any approval. This overrides any LEP, tree preservation order or DA condition regarding tree preservation etc and came […]
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