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Greater Sydney Commission

Cabinet has approved the appointment of Lucy Turnbull as Chief Commissioner Heather Nesbitt as Social Commissioner Rod Simpson as Environment Commissioner Geoff Roberts as Economic Commissioner. 6 District Commissioners nominated by Councils will be appointed for each of Sydney’s six planning districts.  Find out more online. Hunters Hill is part of the North Subregion:  Priorities for […]
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Greater Sydney Commission bill passes upper house

The Labor Party has joined with the NSW Government, Christian Democrats and Shooters and Fishers Party to pass the Greater Sydney Commission bill. The Greens NSW strongly opposed it. Community input into planning decisions has been rejected.  Decisions of the new Commission will be binding on local government.  Local Environment Plans will have to be amended in […]
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Greater Sydney Commission denies community input

The bill for the proposed Greater Sydney Commission massively reduces community input into rezoning and changes to Sydney suburbs.  The bill is designed to facilitate the rezoning of large parts of Sydney and regional cities to meet the state government’s high growth targets. We support a coordinated and strategic approach to planning but this legislation in its present […]
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