‘no’ to the Gladesville Planning Proposal

What do you think of having a 54 meter high building (approx 18 storeys with 280 units) at Gladesville shops?

The developer of the Gladesville Shopping Village (GSV) site lodged a Planning Proposal (PP) to Council seeking to increase the height and density allowed at the site. This was refused by Council. The developer took the matter to the State Government which has now said that the PP can proceed, subject to conditions (see the Gateway Determination).

Hunters Hill Council is now asking for community comments on how Council could change the planning controls and allow a building that is higher than what is currently permitted.

The Trust does not support any change that would increase the density of the site over and above what is allowed in the current LEP.  There can be no proper consideration given to changing the planning controls until a Master Plan is in place for the whole site.   Read the Trust’s submission to Council here.

We are deeply concerned about many aspects of the GSV saga, including:

  • poor quality of life for residents (see comments from elderly residents)
  • overshadowing and massive scale
  • adverse impact on pedestrians
  • lack of a cohesive plan with other current developments
  • pressure on local infrastructure
  • traffic gridlock
  • loss of heritage.

Community members are encouraged to send their comments  to council@huntershill.nsw.gov.au before Tuesday 20th March.

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another Master Plan for Gladesville?

(image: NDIS)

The community has been increasingly angry and frustrated about the mish-mash of developments in Gladesville that threaten to create long term problems and reduce quality of life.

Hunters Hill Council has decided to develop a new master plan for Gladesville.  Whatever happened to the Gladesville Master Plan that was carefully worked out – with its pedestrian-only laneway, shops and cafes?

Councillors agreed that a new Plan will focus on:

  • Developing active frontages along Victoria Rd with appropriate connectivity into the Gladesville key site
  • Building an overarching vision for development of land, particularly between Pittwater Rd and Batemans Rd fronting Victoria Rd
  • Pedestrian access into and out of the site; including Investigating an above ground walkway from Trim Place into the Gladesville Village amongst other connectivity priorities into the surrounding residential areas
  • Alleviating pressure from increased traffic flows stemming from development in the Gladesville precinct
  • Developing a public pedestrian plaza along Massey lane with appropriate connectivity to the key site/shopping village and Victoria Rd

Read More »

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Boarding house proposed for narrow site

2 Flagstaff St Gladesville

Hunters Hill Council is currently reviewing a Development Application for the construction of a boarding house that would provide accommodation for 12 people and a manager on a narrow 450 square meter site at 2 Flagstaff Street, Gladesville.

Each person will have accommodation ranging from 15-25 square meters in size.  There will be parking for 4 cars.

Check the detailed plans and documents here.  Submissions on Flagstaff St boarding house DA 2018 1009 should be sent to council@huntershill.nsw.gov.au by Friday 16th March 2018.

Read the Trust’s detailed submission about 2 Flagstaff Street here.

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Hodgepodge: where is the master plan?

The Trust objects to 3 large developments proposed on Victoria Road to the west of the Gladesville Shopping Village (GSV) site. What we are seeing is a failure of strategic planning and the local community will bear the costs.

The proposals would increase traffic coming and going through a collection of ramps across the western boundary of the GSV site.

Where is the pedestrian-only laneway with shops and cafes that formed part of the Gladesville Master Plan?

If these developments go ahead, it will be the end of any chance of achieving reasonable and responsible redevelopment of the whole site bounded by Victoria Rd, Massey, Flagstaff and Cowell Streets. No development can be supported until a fully integrated proposal can be put in place for the whole site. Parking for the whole site needs to be integrated in a properly designed underground carpark so that cars and trucks are separated from pedestrians.

See the Trust’s objections to each of these Development Applications:

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Community relieved as subdivision is refused

St Peter Chanel Church (image Wikimedia)

We are glad to report that Hunters Hill Council has refused the Development Application from the Marist Fathers to create two 1,000 square meter housing blocks in the surrounds of St Peter Chanel Church, Woolwich.

This would have reduced the curtilage of the Church which is is included in the heritage listing.  Loss of the park-like setting would have changed the character of the Conservation Area.  Here are the  reasons that Council gave for refusal.

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Gladesville Planning Proposal: site info session

Council is running an information session on the planning proposal for the Gladesville Shopping Village site (land bounded by Massey Street, Cowell Street and Flagstaff Street).  The proposal is to add two clauses to Hunters Hill Local Environmental Plan 2012:

  • parameters regarding the location and type of open recreation space to be provided
  • linking future development applications that seek additional height and floor space to design excellence provisions.

When:     6:30-7:30pm Tuesday 27 February 2018
Where:   Council Chambers 22 Alexandra St. Hunters Hill

H o w    w e   g o t   t o   h e r e…

Check this recent post on our website: Gladesville Shopping Village update and the latest edition of Hunters Hill Trust Journal.  These documents have recently been released by Council: Gladesville Shopping Village Planning proposal, the Traffic Impact Assessment and GSV Planning proposal explanatory note.

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Gladesville Shopping Village: Traffic Impact

Road Delay Solutions Pty Ltd’s traffic impact assessment report concluded that the following changes would be needed to support the proposed development of the Gladesville Shopping Village site:

  • Partial closure of Flagstaff St, to the immediate south of Massey St
  • Closure of Cowell St at Flagstaff St
  • Single lane circulating roundabout at Cowell St and Flagstaff St intersection
  • Two way vehicle movement in Cowell St between the Cowell St closure at Flagstaff St to Venus St
  • Increase the current 42m long right turn bay in Victoria Rd northbound at Cowell St to 55m
  • All vehicular access to the site from Flagstaff St
  • Retain one way movement, northbound, in Flagstaff St, south, at Cowell St
  • All permissible vehicle movements from Flagstaff St approach through the roundabout on Cowell St
  • Timed right turn ban from Junction St into Flagstaff St during weekday commuter peak periods
  • Marked pedestrian foot crossings in both Cowell St and Flagstaff St
  • Set down bay in Cowell St, with 5 minute parking restriction, and Shared Zone within the Right of Way to the west of the site.

The full GSV Traffic Impact Assessment Report is available here.

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more big changes along Victoria Rd Gladesville

Commonwealth Bank

There are 3 new, separate developments proposed for Victoria Road, Gladesville.  Hunters Hill Council  has made these 3 DAs available so the community can check what is planned, and make informed comments:

233-235 Victoria Rd (now BWS) 4 levels parking, 1 level retail & commercial,  5 levels of units

223-227 Victoria Rd (now Gladesville Arcade) 3 levels parking, 1 level retail, 5 levels of units

219-221 Victoria Rd (now Commonwealth Bank) 3 levels parking, 1 level retail, 4 levels of units.  This DA keeps the existing facade with a 5 storey building behind.

Vehicle access to these three developments will be through the already busy Council car park.

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Our guided walks program 2018

The  Hunters Hill Trust’s walks committee has organised nine guided walks for members and their guests in 2018.  Add the dates to your calendar.  Enquiries:  members@huntershilltrust.org.au

25 February     Introduction to Croquet

18 March         Heritage Boat Trip

29 April            The Military Heritage of Hunters Hill

27 May             Gladesville Hospital, guided by Friends of Gladesville Hospital

24 June            The Heritage of Alexandra & Madeline Streets

29 July              TBA

26 August        Guided Walk around Cockatoo Island

30 September Guided bushwalk

4 November    Jacaranda Walk.

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Bad idea: subdivision at St Peter Chanel Church

St Peter Chanel Church (image Wikimedia)

Hunters Hill Trust objects to the Marist Fathers’ DA which proposes to carve off two 1000sqm house blocks from the landscaped area around St Peter Chanel Church along Crescent Street.  This subdivision would:

  • Significantly reduce the curtilage of the Church, which is is included in the heritage listing
  • Reduce the beautiful park-like setting of the church
  • Change the character of the Conservation Area, particularly in Crescent St by replacing the landscaped area with houses and driveways and removing large chunks of the existing rock forms.

Send written objections to DA 2017-1180 to Hunters Hill Council before February 16th. You can read HHT’s submission here. Read More »

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