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Sir John Sulman’s vision of a ‘garden city’

This house at 18 Richmond Crescent Gladesville was featured in the November 2016 Trust Journal under the heading ‘Heritage under Threat‘. Council had received a development application to demolish the house and construct a new, much larger, house in its place.  Trust committee member, Caroline Mackaness, wrote a submission to Council about it, much of […]
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Project home-land for NSW

NSW Department of Planning is asking us all to comment on NSW’s new Housing Code.  It’s informative that they should choose such a dreadful house and garden to illustrate their invitation. This particular example of the genus Project Home fails on every count to add anything positive to any neighbourhood and its choice says much about the […]
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Planning disaster unfolding

In a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald on December 2, Jennifer Crone of Bondi described the nightmare of six days a week building happening opposite her apartment.  She is faced with the prospect of 60 trucks a day emitting diesel exhaust fumes and intense noise into her apartment from breakfast to dusk for the […]
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Demolishing the demolishers

the Sydney Morning Herald published HHT President Tony Coote’s letter responding to Michael Pascoe’s article Heritage laws should be demolished. ‘Self appointed heritage expert, Michael Pascoe, is clearly an avatar of that old-time religion of the 1950s – Progress. Progress is the religion of property developers, miners, laissez-faire capitalists, billionaires and, until recently, our government, under Tony Abbott and his Team […]
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Huge fine for demolition of heritage listed house

The Block winners face a massive fine and will have to ‘rebuild’ (?) the heritage-listed Melbourne home they demolished without a permit.  They also cut down all the trees  See details in SMH. Some of us hate ‘The Block’. It completely commodifies places where people live.   The winner is the one who makes the most […]
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What we need from a revised plan at Gladesville shops

Restore the 5 meter wide setback from Cowell Street to ensure deep soil planting and a green wall along this boundary Pedestrian footpath along the western side of Flagstaff Street Heritage-listed cottage at 10 Cowell Street incorporated, not demolished Design with high architectural values Start by building a new underground car park so all the access issues are addressed and […]
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Gladesville ‘Village’ Development

Report on Architectus briefing Feb 11, 2014 Over a hundred people turned up at the public meeting in the town hall to hear a preliminary response from Architectus, Council’s consultants, to the Gladesville Shopping Village Development Application and Traffic Consultants McLaren Engineering. Summary – withdraw or redesign Architectus has recommended that the applicant either • Withdraw the […]
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Hunters Hill Trust opposes current plans for Gladesville shopping village

The major problems with what is proposed: G R O S S  over-development of the site Does not comply with minimum setbacks in SEPP 65 The DCP which sets the planning controls, is flawed and misleading Adverse impact on the character and amenity of the surrounding residential and commercial areas Exacerbates existing parking and traffic problems […]
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Preliminary report on Coles development at Gladesville

Site consolidation and demolition of existing buildings Most of the existing development that includes the Coles supermarket and associated shops is to be demolished together with the Council-owned car park, the Council-owned former community centre and the Betta Electrics building. It is proposed to incorporate some of the  existing car-parking structure into the new development. Council sale […]
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Culture of corruption?

Corruption in NSW has a long history and, as evidenced by the current ICAC investigation into the City of Ryde Council, is ongoing and cuts across party lines.  What if we want to see a cleaner and more transparent politics in NSW?   The answer from the O’ Farrell Government is clearly “No” when one considers […]
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