Massive garages in sensitive area

garage dominates Mayfield Ave Woolwich

There is a worrying trend of owners putting in a Development Application for one alteration and then increasing the built structure by consecutive amendments, at the expense of environmental and heritage considerations.

The previous approval at 1 Hunter Street Woolwich was for the parking entrance to be at the side of the property, on vacant land,  Two major mature trees have already been removed to accommodate this entry. The owners are now proposing an amendment that substantially increases the area of excavation in Mayfield Avenue, at the rear of their property.  It would involve the removal of a significant part of the natural rock formation, further diminish the streetscape and increase the intrusive nature of the alterations.

The rock outcrop at 2 Mayfield Avenue was meant to be maintained but has now been destroyed by a wall of concrete, as has the rocky outcrop at the heritage listed Verdelais at 9 Hunter Street, Woolwich which has seen approximately 3 years of work on a multi-car garage and concrete extensions.

We urge Council to halt the spread of uncontrolled and damaging construction in this sensitive area.

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