How about croquet?

Hunters Hill Croquet club

Hunters Hill Trust members and their guests are invited to come to an introduction to croquet at Hunters Hill Croquet Club.

When:   2:30pm Sunday February 25th

Where:  1 Mathew Street, Hunters Hill

Cost:      $10 per person

Numbers for tuition are limited, so if you would like to have a go, please RSVP by Friday 16 February:

Guided walks program 2018

The Trust’s walks committee has organised nine guided walks for members and their guests in 2018.  Add the dates to your calendar.  Enquiries:

25 February     Introduction to Croquet

18 March         Heritage Boat Trip

29 April            The Military Heritage of Hunters Hill

27 May             Gladesville Hospital, guided by Friends of Gladesville Hospital

24 June            The Heritage of Alexandra & Madeline Streets

29 July              TBA

26 August        Guided Walk around Cockatoo Island

30 September Guided bushwalk

4 November    Jacaranda Walk.

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Gladesville Planning Proposal: GSV site update

Hunters Hill Council is providing an information session on the planning proposal for land bounded by Massey Street, Cowell Street and Flagstaff Street in Gladesville.  It includes the Gladesville Shopping Village site.  The proposal is to add two clauses to Hunters Hill Local Environmental Plan 2012:

  1. parameters regarding the location and type of open recreation space to be provided
  2. linking future development applications that seek additional height and floor space to design excellence provisions.

Information session
When: 6:30-7:30pm Tuesday 27 February 2018
Where: Council Chambers 22 Alexandra St. Hunters Hill

The Planning Proposal, Traffic Impact Assessment and background information will be available at HH Council website between 21st Feb- 20th March and at Council’s offices.
Enquiries:  Philippa Hayes, Senior Strategic Planner, 9879 9400

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more big changes along Victoria Rd Gladesville

Commonwealth Bank

There are 3 new, separate developments proposed for Victoria Road, Gladesville.  Hunters Hill Council  has made these 3 DAs available so the community can check what is planned, and make informed comments:

233-235 Victoria Rd (now BWS) 4 levels parking, 1 level retail & commercial,  5 levels of units

223-227 Victoria Rd (now Gladesville Arcade) 3 levels parking, 1 level retail, 5 levels of units

219-221 Victoria Rd (now Commonwealth Bank) 3 levels parking, 1 level retail, 4 levels of units.  This DA keeps the existing facade with a 5 storey building behind.

Vehicle access to these three developments will be through the already busy Council car park.

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Bad idea: subdivision at St Peter Chanel Church

St Peter Chanel Church (image Wikimedia)

Hunters Hill Trust objects to the Marist Fathers’ DA which proposes to carve off two 1000sqm house blocks from the landscaped area around St Peter Chanel Church along Crescent Street.  This subdivision would:

  • Significantly reduce the curtilage of the Church, which is is included in the heritage listing
  • Reduce the beautiful park-like setting of the church
  • Change the character of the Conservation Area, particularly in Crescent St by replacing the landscaped area with houses and driveways and removing large chunks of the existing rock forms.

Send written objections to DA 2017-1180 to Hunters Hill Council before February 16th. You can read HHT’s submission here. Read More »

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Decontaminate Hunters Hill

Concerned Hunters Hill residents are convening a public meeting to call for an end to  Government inaction that has delayed the decontamination of the Radium Hill industrial site in Hunters Hill for over 40 years.  Residents want the NSW government to act on the unanimous recommendations of the 2008 Parliamentary Inquiry to remediate the site in Nelson Parade.

Stakeholder area nominated by EPA Management Order

The land is owned by Property NSW. The EPA declared the site ‘significantly contaminated land’ in 2007. The EPA issued a compulsory Management Order requiring Property NSW to remediate the site in November 2014.

Approval of the remediation plan has been held up by the Department of Planning. Late last year the EPA ordered Property NSW to conduct a meeting with interested stakeholders (including over 500 households in the vicinity of the site) reporting on its progress in remediating the site.

Key Ministers have been invited to speak at the public meeting.

When:  7:00pm Tuesday 20th February

Where:  Hunters Hill Town Hall, Alexandra Street

More informationDecontaminate Hunters Hill.

Differing perspectives are expressed in the comments below:


1814 ‘Smuggler’s Tunnels’ to be destroyed

brick barrel drain, Windsor bridge

Roads and Maritime Services workers have uncovered more of the brick barrel drain structure at Windsor Bridge.  These are known locally as the ‘Smuggler’s Tunnels’ and were commissioned in 1814.  They are the earliest known example of this type of infrastructure in Australia.

This structure will be destroyed when the NSW Government builds a bridge that directs traffic into intersections that will be beyond capacity when the bridge opens.

For the past 5 years, community members have been protesting at Thompson Square in Windsor every single day, 24 hours a day, Christmas Day included. They want to stop the construction of a massive bridge and road right through the nationally significant heritage square – Australia’s oldest public square.

Hunters Hill Trust has sent a submission to the Parliamentary Enquiry which we will be to able to publish when the Enquiry is made public.   You can read the Trust’s urgent letter to the NSW Premier about the Windsor Bridge Project.

Sign the petition to save Windsor Bridge here.

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George Hedgeland’s stained glass

Norwich Cathedral, stained glass by George Hedgeland, Image: Wikimedia

Angela Phippen, Local Studies Librarian and Historian will provide a presentation on George Hedgeland, acclaimed designer of stained glass windows in the 19th century.

Hedgeland was also a Sydney surveyor and lived at Passy in Hunters Hill with his wife  Annie Henning.  Hedgeland is featured in the ‘Letters of Rachel Henning’.

When:    10:30-11:30 Tuesday February 20th

Where:  Gladesville Library, 6 Pittwater Road Gladesville

Cost:       Gold coin donation

Refreshments will be provided.

Bookings essential: george-headland-stained-glass-artist-tickets or phone 9952.8352

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Gladesville Shopping Village development update

In the August 2017 Journal we referred to the “recently approved” Planning Proposal for the Gladesville Shopping Village (GSV) site. Steve Kourepis, Hunters Hill Council’s Group Manager, Development and Regulatory Control has written to The Trust taking issue with the use of the word “approved”.

We agree that this needs clarification as it could be misconstrued that there is an approved scheme ready to be built on the GSV site or that changes to the Local Environment Plan (LEP) have been approved.  This is not the case because the planning proposal has not yet been exhibited.

We have discussed the matter with Philippa Hayes, Council’s Senior Strategic Planner.  In order to avoid any possible misunderstandings and in an attempt to make sense of the process, we have taken much of the relevant information directly from the DoP’s website as well as from Council’s website.  We hope this may help readers to understand more clearly the labyrinthine processes involved (fingers crossed – it’s complex):

Read More »

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Great news: 18 Richmond Crescent Appeal dismissed

community says ‘thank you’

18 Richmond Crescent

The Land and Environment Court has dismissed an appeal from the owners of 18 Richmond Crescent after Hunters Hill Council rejected their Development Application to demolish the house and build a very large new house in its place.  Key factors cited in the judgement included:

  • heritage value of the existing cottage
  • contribution of the cottage to two conservation areas
  • impact on streetscape and character
  • alternative options to preserve building
  • meaning of ‘Conservation Area – Landscape’
  • public interest.

The house makes a positive contribution to two conservation areas and is of heritage value. The replacement building was to be of an inappropriate bulk and scale that would adversely impact on the heritage significance of the conservation areas.  Read Commissioner Jenny Smithson’s full Judgment here. 

This is a fantastic achievement for Hunters Hill Council, for the Conservation Advisory Panel and for the many local residents who worked to protect the house and the conservation areas.

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Proposed subdivision of Church land

St Peter Chanel Church (image Wikimedia)

The Marist Fathers have owned the land at 5 Crescent Street Woolwich since 1889 when they bought it from George Shannon Arthur and William Cope for 700 pounds.  The Council, in recognition of the contribution the church, its buildings and curtilage makes to the community, has waived collection of rates on the land since that time – 127 years.

The Marist Fathers now want to create two house blocks of around 1000m2 each along the northern boundary of the land, which has a frontage to Crescent Street.

Most of the existing trees, shrubs and ground cover will be removed to allow the construction of buildings, garages, driveways and recreation areas. 

This would be a very bad outcome for the community:

  • The curtilage of the Church, which is is included in the heritage listing, will be significantly reduced
  • The beautiful park-like setting of the church will be significantly changed for the worse
  • The character of the Conservation Area, particularly in Crescent St will be adversely impacted by the replacement of the landscaped area along the boundary of the church with houses and driveways and the removal of large chunks of the existing rock forms.

Open this link to see the aerial view more clearly.

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