Guided walk: Early history of Ferry Street

Garibaldi Inn

Garibaldi Inn

Join Maureen Flowers to explore the early history and heritage of buildings in Ferry Street.  The walk will include a guided tour of All Saints Anglican Church which was designed by John Horbury Hunt and holds the only example of stained glass windows in Sydney designed by Edward Burne-Jones and made by Morris & Co.

When:  9:30 am Sunday 28th August

Where:  meet at Garibaldi Inn, corner of Ferry and Alexandra Streets

HHT’s Guided walks are FREE.  They are intended for Trust members but friends, family and new members are also welcome.

Bookings and information:

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Greater Sydney Commission: Q & A

green africa directory orgHowweGetThereYou can check the notes from the recent community meeting with the Northern Division of the Greater Sydney Commission here.  Issues included:

Future of Local Environment Plans

DA assessment processes

Lack of voice for the community

Massive over developments and ‘State significant projects’

Loss of green space.

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Later alcohol trading hours for Hunters Hill Hotel?

Hunters Hill Hotel has lodged a new DA seeking to extend their trading hours.  They want:

  • alcohol shoeMondays to Saturdays   8:00am-2:00am the following day   (HHH currently closes at midnight)
  • Sundays   10:00am-midnight
  • Good Friday and Christmas Day   noon-10:00pm
  • New Years Eve     5:00am-2:00am the following day.

When other hotels close at midnight, people who are already intoxicated are likely to move on to Hunters Hill to keep drinking until 2:00 am.

Clear evidence links extended hours alcohol trading to increased alcohol related accidents, violence, property damage, anti-social behaviour and other preventable harm.

Say NO to DA 2016-1114.  Email or write to General Manager, Hunters Hill Council or write to the PO Box 21, Hunters Hill 2110.

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Design of Ryde civic precinct: winner announced

The Beijing Institute of Architectural Design has won the international competition for the design of a new civic precinct at Ryde .  The design was one of 175 submissions that came from 47 countries.  Read details here or check the video.


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Greater Sydney Commission: what controls will we have?

GSC Dr Deborah Dearing[1]

Dr Deborah Dearing

Prof Rod Simpson

Prof Rod Simpson

The Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) is now responsible for metropolitan planning, determining regionally significant development applications and rezoning proposals that will override existing Local Environment Plans  info about the Greater Sydney Commission.

Hunters Hill, Lane Cove, Ryde, Willoughby, North Sydney, Northern Beaches, Mosman and Hornsby comprise the ‘Northern District’. Draft District Plans will be released for comment in November.

Given the powers of the Commission and the intense pressure for development, the community needs a voice. Hunters Hill Trust joined representatives of more than 30 Northern District community organisations at a recent meeting in Lane Cove.  Prof Rod Simpson, the Environment Commissioner and Dr Deborah Dearing, Commissioner for the Northern Region answered questions re:

  • The power of the Sydney Planning Panels
  • The fate of existing Local Environment Plans
  • The disconnect between GSC’s stated intentions and rampant development of recent years
  • Environmental outcomes for the Northern District.

letter to the Chief Commissioner, Lucy Hughes Turnbull, AO More info:


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Latest edition of the journal

Richard, Diana and Helen Temple

Richard, Diana & Helen Temple

Download a copy of the latest edition of the Hunters Hill Trust’s journal.  The Trust has been publishing its journal for 44 years.  It is currently edited by HHT President, Tony Coote.  Members will receive their own paper copy very soon.  The July 2016 edition includes:

  • Character assassination:  the invasion of project homes
  • Working with Council
  • Boronia Park Plan of Management
  • Gladesville Shopping Village
  • The Priory
  • Submission to the Council Boundary Review
  • Dissension in the ranks
  • Amalgamation update
  • Vale Richard Temple and vale Ailsa McPherson.
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BIG childcare centre proposed for Joubert Street

too bigThe Trust is concerned that a childcare centre proposed at 22 and 22A Joubert Street, Hunters Hill would be far too big for the neighbourhood.

The centre plans to cater for 98 children, making it much larger than other local centres.  The building would be way out of scale with the existing houses in the vicinity. Its bulk and proportions would be inconsistent with the domestic character of the neighbourhood.  It would adversely impact on neighbouring heritage buildings and create traffic and parking problems.

You can read the Hunters Hill Trust’s submission to Council here.

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Gladesville Shopping Village: community still in the dark

need-to-knowMoch Developments submitted a proposal to the NSW Department of Planning on April 19th to amend the Local Environment Plan, to allow a series of massive high-rise towers at Gladesville Shopping Village, the highest being 58m – that’s one and a half times the height of the Gladesville Bridge.  Detailed plans have still not been provided

There are so many unanswered questions:

  • What will it mean for the people living in the streets around the site?
  • Which streets will be inundated with traffic and which will be permanently closed off?
  • Which houses will be affected by a massive shadow?
  • How many more houses will lose privacy in their backyards?
  • What new services and infrastructure (such as schools etc.) will be offered?
  • What will happen to the heritage listed cottage at 10 Cowell Street?
  • How does Council plan to protect residents from the effects of this massive insensitive over development?
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Civic design: possibilities in Ryde

The City of Ryde is running an international competition to design a new civic precinct.  Four designs have been shortlisted from 175 entries from 49 countries.  The jury includes Peter Poulet (NSW Government Architect), Shaun Carter (President of the Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter) and Maria Atkinson (sustainability strategist).  Read more details here.  This clip shows the design concepts from an American firm that was shortlisted.

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Project home-land for NSW

genus project home

Is THIS the standard we aspire to in NSW?

NSW Department of Planning is asking us all to comment on NSW’s new Housing Code.  It’s informative that they should choose such a dreadful house and garden to illustrate their invitation.

cockatoos in nesting hollow Image Danielle Bamforth

Adaptive re-use? Image Danielle Bamforth

This particular example of the genus Project Home fails on every count to add anything positive to any neighbourhood and its choice says much about the sensibility of the DoP bureaucrats who want to make it easier to build such crap.

Rather than making it easier, everything should be placed in the way of having such things constructed.


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