Apartment living: what lies in store

The big squeeze. Photo Jessica Shapiro, SMH 2016

The big squeeze. Photo Jessica Shapiro, SMH 2016

Garry Linnell wonders about the consequences of the massive social engineering experiment that is happening in Sydney right now:

We need to talk about the toll of apartment living

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Latest edition of the HHT journal

1-hht-nov-2016Volume 54, Number 2 of the Hunters Hill Trust Journal covers:

  • Restoration story:  ‘Woodhall, 36 Farnell Street Hunters HIll
  • More positive stories  …. On the other hand
  • Heritage under threat:  18 Richmond Crescent, Gladesville
  • Where there’s a will:  58 Pittwater Road, Hunters Hill
  • Postscript:  11 Mark Street
  • Gladesville Shopping Village update
  • Greater Sydney Commission
  • Council amalgamations update
  • Joubert Street Childcare Centre
  • Contributions recognised
  • Vale Sheila Jolley
  • Chanel Paradisa
  • HHT Walks program.

Trust members will receive their paper copy in the mail soon.  In the meantime, you can read the latest edition here.  The Hunters Hill Trust has been publishing its journal since 1972.  Previous editions of the journal are all available on our Publications page.

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Death of the Aussie backyard?

Source: Ausimage Sinclair Knight

Source: AUSIMAGE  Sinclair Knight

Backyards have dramatically shrunk in size and hard surfaces have replaced greenery.  What are the consequences for all of us?

This aerial view of two housing schemes on opposite sides of a main road in Brisbane illustrates the magnitude of the change in the size of the backyards over a short period of time.  

This article in Landscape Australia explores the implications for children, communities, biodiversity, water and energy use.

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Missed opportunity in Heritage listed Boronia Park

netball-courtsIt’s great to have new netball courts in Boronia Park, BUT the location is really insensitive and has a negative impact on the surrounding fields.

With a little bit of consideration and expertise it could have been handled so much better.

Boronia Park is a Schedule 5 listed Heritage Item in the Local Environment Plan (No 186).  How come Council doesn’t seem to see that changes to the park need to be really thought through?

Expert advice is readily available.

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‘Industrial Village of Woolwich’ by Connie Ewald, reprint 2016

There were no more copies of ‘The Industrial Village of Woolwich‘ by Connie Ewald but people still asked for the book.  We’re pleased to announce that the book is now available to purchase and also to read online.

industrial village cover‘For the first half of the twentieth century, the heart of Woolwich New South Wales Australia, was a group of waterfront industries and a small community of labouring families who lived nearby.  The people were separated from outsiders by their strong family connections and by the awareness of themselves as a working class community.  Only termites lived in luxury.

At the end of the twentieth century waterfront industry has departed, waterfront properties are becoming palaces and citizens struggle to resist inappropriate development and retain some of the cohesiveness of the old community.

What was it like to work in those early industries? How firm was the social divide between workmen and gentry? What stories do people tell about their work or school or social life? This book recounts some of the stories and gives a brief history of the tin smelter, not previously recorded.’

Read the book online here  If you would like to buy a hard copy contact members@huntershilltrust.org.au.

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Draft District Plan released by Greater Sydney Commission

green africa directory orgDraft District Plans for Greater Sydney are available for comment.  Hunters Hill is part of the Northern District which also includes Hornsby, Ryde, Lane Cove, Mosman, Willoughby, Ku-ring-gai, North Sydney and Northern Beaches local government areas.  Read the full draft Northern District Plan here.

W h a t  a b o u t   h e r i t a g e  &  c o n s e r v a t i o n ?

The plan sets out priorities and actions related to PRODUCTIVITY, LIVEABILITY and SUSTAINABILITY.  ‘Heritage elements’ are addressed under Liveability:

Action 13:  Conserve and enhance environmental heritage including Aboriginal, European and natural Identification and protection of heritage elements.   Lead agencies for this action are the Office of Environment & Heritage, Dept of Planning & Environment and Aboriginal Affairs in partnership with the Greater Sydney Commission and local  Councils.

Housing targets:  only 5 years from now

The plan sets a target of 25,950 additional dwellings for the Northern District by 2021.  This includes 150 in Hunters Hill, 300 in Mosman, 1,250 in Willoughby, 1,900 in Lane Cove, 3,000 in North Sydney, 3,400 in Northern Beaches, 4,000 in Ku-ring-gai, 4,350 in Hornsby and 7,600 in Ryde.  The target for Greater Sydney is 189,100 additional dwellings by 2021.

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Living with tawny frogmouths

Hunters Hill’s tree canopies provide shelter for lots of magnificent birds, including tawny frogmouths.  This video was filmed in Hunters Hill by Darren and Thalia Broughton for the Birds in backyards YouTube channel.

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Gladesville high rise towers

overhsadowAs expected, the Joint Regional Planning Panel, which included Sue Hoopmann and Greg Patch appointed by Hunters Hill Council, unanimously voted to approve the plan to amend the Hunters Hill Local Environment Plan so that the GSV towers can be bigger and pack more units onto the site.

  • increase the building height up to 58m
  • increase the floor space ratio to 3.4:1

The developers can now go to the next phase:  the ‘Gateway determination’.  The JRRP set some conditions which are shown here.  Hunters Hill Council will be involved in assessing the details.  A report will be presented at the next Council meeting  on 28 November 2016.

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Are you connected to Hunters Hill?

green book coverlove-to-hear-from-youIn 2018 it will be 50 years since the Hunters Hill Trust was formed.  We are planning ways to mark this achievement.  Now seems like a good time to update our ‘green book’ the Heritage of Hunters Hill.    Do you have information, photos or stories about:

  • an historic building or a special place
  • a famous or infamous resident
  • what you value about your street and its heritage.

Do you know/own a heritage property that would belong in a new edition?

                     Could you contribute time or funding for the project?

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‘may all future generations honour this work’

Brigid Dowsett

Brigid Dowsett

Tipperary Falls, Boronia Park

Tipperary Falls, Boronia Park

Brigid Dowsett, longstanding HHT Committee member, has been awarded the AABR Citation for her outstanding contribution to bush regeneration.

The award ‘acknowledges many years of dedicated and persistent work in the regeneration of indigenous plant communities.  May all future generations honour this work through their ongoing care of these sites.’ 

If you would like to become involved in bush regeneration, find out more through  Bushcare volunteers.  The 2016 Bushcare Timetable  shows when and where the 10 local groups meet.

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